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Crab Island News

Crab Island Water Taxi and Crab Island Shuttle Boat of Destin, FL

2019 Upcoming News

Crab Island Water Taxi, Destin Florida

Safety, Shelter, Secured - Upgraded

Customers talked and we listened. City asked for customer safety and we did just that. 

Our New and Improved State of the Art Certified Barge is your new home on Crab Island and we have have it all!!!

We are still building out and it will be completed for March 1st 2019.

More Info Coming Soon!

Crab Island Water Taxi Destin, Florida

New Boats

Our 1st season is over. And what an amazing journey it was. 

We have just purchased 3 new boats for the next season. 

Enjoy our new boats with us, our staff can not wait to see you. 

Crab Island Water Taxi  Destin, Florida

Customer Seating For 160 Customers

With our high volume of customers and such great feedback with our outdoor seating above water and in water, we will have 80 seats available above water and 80 seats in the water. 

In addition to our sound system, water sports games and roped off areas for our guests, sit in paradise with us and enjoy the views and sounds of Crab Island. More to come Stay Tuned!

Crab Island Shuttle Bus

Crab Island Water Taxi Shuttle Bus


Crab Island Water Taxi will be offering rides for our customers in 2019. We have added 2 vans, both 15 passengers to accommodate the increased demand of service. Pack your bags, bring your coolers, we will get your there safe and smoothly.    

Crab Island Water Taxi

Crab Island Water Taxi  Van Shuttle Service

How to get to Crab Island. Book your water taxi today. 

Crab Island Social


New for 2019, Crab Island Social will be our new and improved customer dock and landing area on Crab Island.  To Be Continued.